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Everything is palm of your hands and you’re in control of where you want to go and how ou want to get there.

We are proudly Canadian

Choosing KABU for your ride means choosing a Canadian home-grown ride-halling brand. From development to operations, it’s all done locally.


KABU Ride-Hailing provides a more flexible, convenient, comfortable, and safe way of traveling, which can better meet people’s daily travel needs.

Transparent and Affordable

KABU Ride provides transparency, and upfront pricing and offers multiple vehicle types and services to meet passengers’ needs.


Ride-hailing allows passengers to call a car at any time and at any location, without having to find a parking spot or wait for public transportation.


KABU Ride-Hailing offers commercial insurance, and drivers’ identity and vehicle information has been verified to increase passengers’ sense of security.


Compared to taxis and public transportation, ride-hailing services typically provide a more comfortable riding experience.

Safety is Our Top Priority

KABU Ride is a legal ride-hailing platform in British Columbia (BC), committed to providing high-quality, safe, reliable, and transparent transportation services to customers. We rigorously screen drivers and vehicles, provide commercial insurance, and ensure your safety while traveling. With KABU Ride, you can travel with peace of mind.

Suitability is the Key to Excellence

We have different vehicle types, ranging from comfortable sedans, luxury cars to larger vehicles, and each option is designed to fit specific needs. With KABU Ride, you can easily choose the service type that suits your needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable ride experience every time.

How to use KABU RIDE?

How to pay KABU ride?

How to use KABU RIDE's reservation service?

After entering your destination and selecting your service type, click the “clock” button next to “GO NOW” to choose your desired departure time. You can reserve a trip up to 48 hours in advance. If you need to change the departure time before placing the order, you can click on the current departure time on the page to select a new time.

What is KABU Points?

What is KABU Balance?

What to do if you lose an item during a ride?