How KABU works for you


Need to get somewhere quickly and safely? That’s our specialty. KABU Ride is an easy-to-use APP that connects riders to our fleet of drivers who are just minutes away. Payment is just as simple, safe and secure. And it’s all at your fingertips.

Getting started


It takes only a couple of minutes to register for an account through the APP. A few simple steps is all that separates you from the start of your ride-hailing journey.

Pick your destination


To book a ride, simply input where you’d like to go. A driver will be there in less than 10 minutes, and will bring you where you want to go for an estimated price.

* actual price is subject to change due to factors such as heavy traffic, accidents and weather events

Safe & Secure


Once you’ve arrived at your destination, payment is simple, safe and secure. You can choose to pay with a major credit card or via WeChat.



Hailing a ride has never been easier, thanks to KABU, which makes getting around town easy and safe. Everything is in the palm of your hands and you’re in control of where you want to go and how you want to get there.



Select the type of vehicle you want, where and when you’d like to begin your journey, and—once you’ve safely arrived—pay via multiple options, including major credit cards and WeChat Pay.

After meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Transportation, KABU decides to begin readying its drivers for a requirement that all ride-hailing drivers hold at least a Class 4 license.

Join KABU now!


Looking to access our ride-hailing services? Want to join our fleet of loyal drivers? Just click “Get Started” and we’ll walk you through the process that’s a simple as 1-2-3.

Download for your smartphone

*KABU is compatible with Apple and Android devices

*Running iOS11 or Android 7 or newer operating systems