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KABU Has Applied For A Ride-Hailing License In BC

KABU-Ride Inc. made an application on Sept. 3 for a Transportation Network Services Company license to operate a ride-hailing service in British Columbia.

We are confident that we will receive a ride-hailing license after receiving some good news in late August. KABU was granted a National Safety Code certificate, which is another requirement by the Passenger Transportation Branch for all ride-hailing operators.

Since June, we have been encouraging each of our drivers to upgrade their license from Class 5 to Class 4, and we’ve met with our fleet of drivers several times to let them know about KABU’s overall business plans and to ask for feedback and input from our amazing team of ambassadors on the road.

We have been working with driving instructors in Richmond and Burnaby to provide knowledge-test training to our drivers to obtain their Class 4 learner’s license, as well as driving instructions.

Our drivers have also been informed about the other requirements of the ride-hailing industry, involving annual vehicle inspections and annual criminal record checks.


The management team at KABU-Ride Inc.